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Michele Kief Helps Her Client Investors See the World as She Does

September 20, 2018

In Michele Kief’s primary profession as a financial adviser, she is considered one of the best. However, one reason her clients trust her with growing their wealth is that she also is an excellent travel consultant. That is because, while Michele Kief has a strong passion for assisting clients in meeting their goals for a strong financial future, she also believes her clients should also live well in the here and now.

Michele Kief knows that, too often, people put off living in the present while they save for the future, which is no way to live. That is why Michele’s wealth building practice has taken on something of a holistic tone. Sure, she assists clients with selecting individual investments that best meet their needs and create a good retirement plan, but she also often wears her prolific world traveler, to help them travel to the greatest places on a budget that helps them live right now while they save for the future. When their trip is over, Michele’s access to many unique resources, like research analysts and economic and market experts, allow her to help clients make informed investment decisions that benefit them now and in the long term.